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Turn One

There has not been much local riding activity to write about with most riders discouraged by the summer heat. However, Rod Fors, Tony Crowell and I attended the Bull Shoals Rally in Theodosia, Missouri in September. See my report and a few pictures below. In addition we have part 2 of the trip by four members to Hyder, AK in June, started in the last issue by Tony Crowell . Enjoy!


Hyder ’19 Part 2

by Tino

Day Six. Prince George to Stewart, BC

I really didn’t expect much as far a scenery along this stretch of Canada Route 16. For the most part, it was fairly boring. The road got interesting near Kitwanga and the ride from there to Stewart was much better. In Fact, between Meziadin Junction and Stewart was beautiful!

Near Stewart we came upon the Bear Glacier. Just a beautiful place. Must have taken 50 pics. From here it was only about a 30-minute ride to Stewart and our lodging at the King Edward Hotel.

Just before entering Stewart there is a long straight section of road. Kevin was leading the pack with Chris just behind and Scott and I about a ¼ mile behind. I saw a car parked on the side of the road ahead of Kevin. At about the same time I noticed my radar detector was pegged red; with the light flashing the warning that the car on the shoulder might be other than a casual bird-watcher. A second later confirmed my suspicions when I saw the red and blue lights flashing the warning that Kevin was about to have a bad day.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police had nabbed Kevin doing 124 Km’s in a 90 km zone. We all stopped just ahead of the sad-faced Kevin who was receiving the lecture and the bad news from the Mountie that his excessive speed warranted seizing his big BMW and having a seizure and tow bill that would exceed $4000.00 Canadian!

After what seemed like an hour of the Mountie running checks on the outlaw Kevin; The stern-faced Mountie emerged from his vehicle and issued a warning to him…disaster avoided!

We all idled into town and checked into the hotel. After checking in, we met up to eat at the hotel restaurant. It did not look too promising to me. Run by Chinese, I didn’t think they would know how to make good ‘ol “Merucan” food, much less Canadian. Boy was I wrong! It was one of the best places we ate on the entire trip. I’ve never eaten better vegetable soup! Just great! But… the prices were crazy high. $22 bucks Canadian for a bowl of soup and a coke. Ouch!!

We stayed up late kicking the tires with other riders and walked the length of the small town. A very interesting and quirky place. It seems every Canadian we spoke with HATED their young Prime Minister Trudeau. An old lady who ran the General store said, “He sucks Monkey Balls”! Judging by the level of anger toward him, I think he will have his work cut out for him in the next election campaign in the western provinces.

The sun sets late at this latitude, on this particular night I could still see clearly at midnight. I went to sleep soon after, knowing tomorrow would be a very short riding day.

Day Seven. Stewart BC to Hyder, AK/Salmon Glacier and return.

I’ve read numerous stories and seen hundreds of photos of the Salmon Glacier. In bright sunlight it looks Magnificent. Unfortunately, as we mounted up to ride through Hyder on the way to the Glacier, the weather was grey and overcast. This did not bode well for our 22- mile ride to the Glacier. Just out of Hyder, the pavement turns to hard -packed dirt. The road to the Glacier is an old mining road that is actually pretty smooth despite a few stutter bumps and some potholes scattered about.

As we ascended the mountain, I noticed a few patches of blue sky and the further we climbed…the more blue we saw! By the time we reached the glacier it was a beautiful sunny day. We could not have been any luckier! The view of the glacier was almost indescribable. Photos do NOT do it justice. What a great day! Soon, a few other riders joined us and after taking a zillion photos we all returned down the mountain and headed for lunch in Hyder. On the way down the mountain we pulled off onto a small dirt spot where I promptly put my foot down on the only round rock in miles that rolled my boot right off and me right onto my side. If that wasn’t bad enough, I landed on my back on a very sharp rock! It was my only dirt nap of the trip.

Just before lunch we scoured the town for souvenirs and then headed over to Seafood Express for lunch. I’ve read stories and had seen this place on ADV rider. It is an old school bus turned restaurant. Now…I’m not much of a seafood eater but the fish and chips here were out of this world! Fresh Halibut every day. The lady who runs the place said her husband’s job is to go out and catch ‘em every morning.

After exploring Hyder we headed back into Canada though the very small Port of Entry, (manned by two officers) and rode the mile or so back into Stewart.

When we returned to Stewart to find that even more Motorcyclist had arrived. There so many motorcycle-tourists in town, now I see why Kevin got a warning from the Mountie. They do NOT want to scare away their money-spending tourist!

More great food later at the King Edward, followed by more tire kicking and story telling then off to beddy-bye.

Day Eight. Back to PG.

We were not that excited about the return trip to Prince George. Nothing really that great to see that we didn’t see on the trip up.

We stopped for gas and breakfast at Kitwanga Junction. All of us but Kevin… he rode ahead on the supertanker and arrived at the Carmel Inn in PG about 40 minutes before us. It must be nice to have over 8 gallons of go-juice at your disposal.

Day Nine. PG to Osoyoos, BC.

We had about a 470 -mile day to Osoyoos that took us through very varied and beautiful terrain. country. We rode atop river bluffs for miles, then down into the heat of the river valley, then back up in altitude to cooler weather. Surprisingly for us we would end up in Canada’s wine country which reminded me a lot of California’s. It was a fairly long day but filled with variety and lots of fun. At one point we fell in behind a long line of cars. Kevin made a pass. Later, Chris passed the same line of cars, only to receive the middle finger from a driver. This is very unusual since it was a clean pass that endangered no one. I quickly passed but did not get the same treatment. Very odd indeed since I’m the one that usually the one that gets the middle finger.

In Osoyoos we stayed at the Avalon Inn which turned out to be very nice. Right across the street from a Tim Hortons and some other nice places to eat. The BEST part was…The motel clerk told us that if we would leave our dirty laundry with her, SHE would wash and dry it and return it to our rooms. AWESOME service. Tomorrow we head into Washington State!

End Part two. Back to the USA next!



As I mentioned in my intro, I, Rod and Tony, attended the Bull Shoals Rally. Rooms for this popular event are hard to come by so Tony got a room in nearby Yellville, AR. I shared a room at the Theodosia Resort and Marina with my old friend and Kansas member Jim Girton. Rod shared a cabin with homies and Washington members Dan Thomas and Richard Ziomkoski and Texan Max Hendrix. Tony on his Kawasaki 900, Rod on his Honda ST 1300 and I on my Multistrada 950 met Thursday night in Pine Bluff, AR and rode some nice Arkansas twisties together the next morning as far as Push Mountain Rd (AR 431) where me and Rod turned off taking one of northeastern Arkansas best roads up to Mountain Home and highway 5 and on to Theodosia while Tony checked into his motel in Yellville. After a stop in town for gas and provisions Rod and I arrived at the resort early and before almost anyone else. We sat on the porch and drank a couple cold ones while we waited for the crowd to roll in.

The crowd soon started rolling in on a wide variety of machines. There were quite a few Ducatis, mostly Multistradas! Soon, the grills were fired up and the gourmet weenie roast was underway. Big fat juicy dogs with all the fixings plus chips and cookies. Later that evening I meandered over to the Thomas/Ziomkoski/Hendrix/Fors cabin and had a few (quite a few) sips of fine whisky and listened to some tall tales.

Saturday morning Jim and I met Tony for breakfast at Cookies, the resort restaurant. Jim and Rod were both having some health issues and not feeling up for a ride so it was just Tony and I. Tony had put together a loop which included a few roads we had never ridden but looked promising to him. The area has many great roads and the event organizers provide several gps routes covering the best of them, but we have all ridden them several times and we enjoy exploring new territory!

Tony's route had us going West out of Theodosia on US 160 to MO route U then south off of U onto Dean Rd. for about a mile then East on MO 125 and south into Arkansas to the Peel Ferry Landing. We enjoyed the usual chat with several other rally attendees waiting for the ferry.

Back on 125 on the other side we turned right onto county road 2059 and State route 268 then briefly on AR 14 and then AR 7 We rode 7 to Harrison then North on Cottonwood Rd which was hilly and twisty. Next we went West on County Roads 16 and 814 then North to the state line on State 311 and back south on 21 and 103 all the way to state 43 and Ponca and the Buffalo National River. Here we turned East onto 74. We stopped for gas in Jasper and had lunch at the Blue Mountain Cafe and Bakery. The staff was very friendly and the food was great.

From there we headed up to Yellville where Tony pulled off for his motel and I continued on to Gassville and North on AR 5 and Theodosia. It was a nice 260 mile ride.

Back at the lodge I hung out on the porch with Jim and chatted with other old and new friends until the time for the banquet. The food was delicious as always and the comradery was great too but I could not help feeling a bit sad missing Ed and Linda Young, who created and nurtured the Bull Shoals Rally for so many years. Ed passed away in May of this year and is greatly missed by his MSTA family.

Tony met me and Rod at Cookies for breakfast Sunday morning and then headed for home via a few more more fun roads. Rod rode all the way home, but Tony and I stopped for the night in Dumas, AR. We had a nice Mexican meal just down the road from our motel before turning in. Tony was up around 4:00 am for an early departure. I left a bit after 7 and was home by noon.

Saturday's Route
Saturdaytrack (241K)

Just two club rides remaining for the year, Byway Boogie in Arkansas October 11 -13 and Texas Hill Country October 25 - 27. Don't miss out!

That's all for now.
Keep riding & smiling

Bob Chappuis, Editor