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Turn One

Those of you that joined our lunch ride last month may have heard me mention that I have stepped down from the State Director position. It has truly been a fun and rewarding run and I want to thank everyone who came along for the ride over the years and especially the many of you that have helped and provided encouragement. You are a great bunch of riders and friends! "But after more years as Louisiana SD than I can count (but more than 10)it is time for me to step down for several reasons. Number 1, I am just burnt out, run out of steam. It has become a struggle to muster enthusiam to organize rides and even after a great STAR like Lexington, to publish a newsletter. Second, our club desperately needs new (younger) blood and I am a lousy recruiter. I never was very good at it but with retirement and living in a rural small town I am just too isolated to come in contact with potential recruits, especially younger ones." The above quote is what I wrote in my letter of resignation to the Pres and Vice-Pres. I hope that one of you hooligans will decide to step up. Some of you have already been attracting recruits and organizing rides. That's ALL IT TAKES! And I promise to be here to help in any way I can.

Obviously I am still the newsletter editor and will be until someone else decides they'd like to do it. This month I am back to a monthly format because the August issue will likely be all about Edelweiss in Europe. So I have just my brief report on our July lunch ride and some scuttle butt about September and October riding plans. Enjoy...



July 2013 Lunch Ride

By Bob Chappuis

Tim Cundiff and Tony Crowell met me at Starbucks in BR. Tony was on his new Triumph Explorer, Tim was on his new FJR 1300. After a leisurely coffee and chat we headed out Lee Drive towards the Mississippi River but Lee was closed for construction and my attemps at a detour took us through the LSU campus and Lakeshore Dr. which twists and turns around Campus Lake and used to be a motorcyclist favorite back in my college days (40+ years ago!) but is now a mecca for joggers and bicyclists. We had to slow to a snails pace dodging bodies and constantly battling target fixation. We rode past Foster Hall, Tim's and my old college haunt as well as Tiger Stadium bringing back some old memories.

We eventually got to River Road and headed south, making up lost time on the broad sweepers along the bends in the river. At times the river stretches out into long straights inviting us to let our ponies loose, and we did. We cruised alongside the levee past Gardere, Plaquemine Point, Sunshine and St. Gabriel before taking the shortcut to Carville, avoiding the gravel road that takes you to the old leper colony. Then Geismer and Darrow and then crossing the Sunshine Bridge.

We had made plans to meet the NOLA Hooligans at the Shell Station in St. James a few hundred yards from the West Bank. Kevin Yeats was already there on his Honda VFR and Guy Lombard (BMW R1200 GS Adventure) and Eric Babcock (BMW R1200RS Police) rolled in as we arrived.

After 20 minutes of the usual biker BS, we mounted up and Tony led us through Donaldsonville where we picked up River Road Northbound (LA 18 and LA 405) through Whitecastle and Plaquemine. There we turned westward onto LA 77 which boasts numerous nice medium to wide sweepers and mostly smooth pavement as it follows Bayou Jacob, Bayou Plaquemine and Bayou Gross Tete. Sometimes you get to wait for the draw bridge to cross the Intracoastal Waterway but not today.

We followed 77 through Gross Tete, Maringouin (french for mosquito) and Livonia then 78 to False River and LA 1. At False River we turned west on Hospital Road and arrived at the old automobile repair shop that is now Hot Tails, the restuarant. We put some tables together and ordered up and were soon enjoying some tasty cajun food. Mine was a huge Po Boy: half crawfish and half oysters, seasoned and fried to perfection. Everybody else said their chow was great too.

After lunch we split up heading home in different directions. It was a great day, good weather, good roads, good food and good friends!

July MSTA Lunch Ride

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Several members are making plans to attend the Bull Shoals (MO) event in September and the Byway Boogie event in October. Make plans to join them or select from several other upcoming events.

Next week Stacie and I fly to Europe for an Edelweiss Tour and we can barely stand the anticipation. I have set up a blog and plan to post our progress if I have time an Internet access. I will send a link before we leave. That's all for now.
Keep riding & smiling

Bob ChappuisEditor