March 2002 Louisiana HSTA Newsletter Bob Chappuis, Editor


Please join me in welcoming our newest members, Richard and Karen Moore of Metairie. Rick has been a motorcyclist for 35 years and currently rides a Honda Shadow Sabre and a Suzuki Intruder. Welcome to the club Rick and Karen! We look forward to meeting you both soon.


by Bob Chappuis

Henry Pretus and I rode down to Daytona Beach Wednesday, March 6 to enjoy Bike Week. We had a pleasant but tiring 625 mile ride to Gainesville on my VFR and Henry's CBR1000F. Thursday we joined a group of about 20 HSTA members for lunch at the Blackwater Inn in Astor on our way to Daytona Beach.After lunch we rode to Daytona Beach where Henry met up with his friends at their campsite on Nova Rd a few miles from Daytona International Speedway while my friend Chuck Headrick of Mims, FL and I checked out some bike shops on Beach St. Friday Chuck and I watched some very close support races at DIS and on Saturday took in some more of the various Bike Week attractions and activities including the Saturday night HSTA Bike Week banquet where we saw Louisiana member Cindy Earle. I did not hook up with Henry again until Sunday evening in Gainsville on the way home as he ended up watching the Sunday races from the DIS infield while I watched from the grandstands. Henry reported that he also ran into Bob Hennessey in the infield who had ridden down on his Yamaha FZ1.

The first 3rd of the Daytona 200 was a great race to watch with the Honda RC51's of Nicky Hayden, Miguel Duhamel and Kurtis Roberts swapping lead with the Yamaha of Anthony Gobert and dogged closely by Aaron Yates on a Suzuki. However, Duhamel's RC51 broke, Roberts cooked his tire and despite a few mistakes Nick Hayden used his skill and the Honda's horsepower to build a commanding lead. Jamie Hacking on a Suzuki pulled close enough in the end to nip Gobert's down on power Yamaha for 2nd. with Yates 4th and Eric Bostrom 5th on a Kawasaki. No Ducatis in the top 10! Superbike Champ Mat Mladin was injured and unable to race and Mr. Daytona Scott Russel announced his retirement. If you are not into Road Racing pardon the race talk but if you are (like me) then Daytona Beach is THE place to be in March!

The first leg of our ride back Monday morning was a bit cold but it warmed up nicely by 10:00. We really could not have asked for better weather with not one drop of rain during the entire trip. We got an early start Monday, made good time, gained an hour crossing the time zone and I was home by 4:30. Another great Daytona Road Trip!

Red Bluff Guy's Ride

Sunday, March 24th

by Bud Logan

It is rare that we are able to get six riders who are so capable and compatible together as we did today on my first "Guys Ride" (aggressive) for the New Orleans Area H.S.T. A. The day was beautiful as we left Shoney's for the Red Bluff area. Our wake up jaunt across the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway, with its early morning sights of the sun sparkling on the water, the brown Pelicans hovering overhead hoping for the sight of a fish breakfast, and the shrimp boats and sailboats slowly gliding over the water is always a pleasant one.

We took a different route up north than usual. Normally I take 21N out of Covington on up to Bogalusa. This time we rode 25N to 437N, then jogging West on 40/437 catching 437 N again to 16E a very short piece to 60E into Bogalusa. This doesn't sound like much in a sentence but it was a very scenic route and 60E gets better and better with the hills and curves the closer to Bogalusa we got, that by the time we reached there we were pumped and practiced for the Mississippi Hwy. 43N curves we are all very accustomed to.

We were Bobby Hennessey, Zan ?????, Joe Saia, Ret Favret, and myself out of New Orleans and were joined in Covington by La. State Co-Director Bob Chappuis who rode back roads from his home in St. Francisville to join us. We hit it hard and heavy on 43N to Columbia where we stopped for lunch at The Front Porch Restaurant.restuarants.jpg 480x210

We then rode Red Bluff 587 north and back south, one of the toughest roads to be ridden anywhere. It is always a relief to successfully ride this one because many have been down, myself included, on this road. We all stayed together pretty well and no one had any "moments". We then took the Columbia to Purvis Road at a moderate pace to relax before the high speed interstate run ahead, the final leg home. I have done this ride many, many times and it has become easier over the years, but it is one I will never take for granted because I know as soon as I do, it will bite me in the butt. Overall, it is the best route for an aggressive ride combining scenery, hills and challenging curves to hone skills and tread edges.

stacie&jareds.jpg 350x263With various commitments and the time I took off to go to Daytona Beach, I did not have the time to organize a March ride for the Baton Rouge Area. However, Stacie and I and her son Jared did get a chance to ride up to the Magnolia Cafe in Natchez for lunch. We had a very enjoyable ride and as always the food was great. We chatted with a friendly local couple who vowed that the Magnolia Cafe had the best food in town. We may have to try something from the menu other than a burger next time!


This just in from "STAReview lackey" Moose

Important update info on "Huck's (formerly Peter's)Road & Track Rally" (May 3-5, 2002)did not make it into the recent STAReview due to deadline constraints (read: Moose overslept again). This popular rally was to be cancelled due to the original organizer's inability to handle the event this year but has been revived by member Keith Huckaby. Huck has a great web-site for the event and all of the details are here: http://mssr.org/rtrally/rtindex_nn4.htm

(for those who may not know, Moose is past
HSTA President, a long time buddy, and largely (pun intended) responsible
for getting the StaReview back on a reliable publication schedule)



We will meet at Starbucks, Corporate Blvd and Energy in Baton Rouge at 9:00 and depart at 9:30. No definite route or destination yet - your suggestions are welcomed. I plan to show up unless the probability of rain is greater than 60%.


ALEXANDRIA LA 71301-2923
(318) 443-3550
Meeting time 11:30 am
This will be the first of what will hopefully be an annual meeting. It would be great to meet some of the folks who have not yet attended a ride. This will be a chance to give your input on what you would like us to do with YOUR club. We have been having some great rides in the southern part of the state but we really need to get some things happening up North. We will give Logan's Roadhouse a try as it has a casual atmosphere and is used by a lot of clubs for their meetings. Meeting time 11:30 am

So far the plan is just to get together and have lunch but if time and weather permit a group ride may happen if anyone knows any good roads in the area. Also, an overnight stay in Alexandria is an option.

. I would like to hear some feedback on this: Does this sound like a good plan? Anybody know any good roads in the area? Please let me know if you are planning to attend. I will try to reserve a table/area if I have some idea how many will attend.


Your old email address is bouncing. One of you has notified me of your new address but what about the rest? I will assume that all @home.com addresses changed to @cox.net. Please let me know if this is not the case.

KEEP IN TOUCH! chappuis@demco.net and my telephone number is (225)635-3171. and Ride Safe,
Bob Chappuis