October 2001 Louisiana HSTA Newsletter Bob Chappuis, Editor


By Bob Chappuis


Mark Galyean, his friend Lynn and Henry Pretus met Stacie and I at our place in St. Francisville for a lunch ride up to the Magnolia Grill in Natchez, MS. Mark and I were on our Honda VFR800's, Stacie her Ninja 500 and Henry his Pacific Coast 800. The weather was fine, gas prices have dropped and the roads were smooth. What more could we ask! There was little traffic and we made our way up highways 421, 967 and 61 without incident.... well almost. There was that pickup truck that stopped in the middle of Hwy 61, apparently to pick up some hitchhiking children. To complicate the situation was a pair of very large transporters each carrying another transporter as cargo, steaming along behind us at about 65 mph. I slowed as I changed lanes to avoid the pickup but only a little so as to leave plenty of room for the three bikes behind me to do the same and get out of the way of the transporters. The fool in the P/U then proceeded to cut across both lanes and make a U turn. Thankfully everyone was alert and able to take the necessary evasive maneuvers and we proceeded North to Natchez.

After scheduling this last minute ride I learned that the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race was being held in Natchez the same weekend and we were concerned that restaurant tables may be hard to get, indeed we saw a large group of Harley riders at a Gas stop in Woodville who were headed that way. However as we cruised down Silver Street we saw only moderate pedestrian traffic and they were heading for the bluffs (for a good view of the races, I guess) and not "Under the Hill" wear we were going. When we arrived at the Magnolia Grill pretty much right on time, we found Drew Newcomer of West Monroe waiting for us alongside his VFR800. After introductions we headed inside and each enjoyed one of the Grill's large and delicious Samburgers and some good conversation. After lunch Stacie, me and Henry headed home as Henry was due back at the hospital and Stacie had some real estate business to tend to. However, Mark, Lynn and Drew rode up the Natchez Trace to Emerald Indian Mound and Port Gibson before turning toward their respective homes.

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This was a very enjoyable ride for all and took only a few days to organize via the magic of Email. Any members who would like to be included in such spur of the moment rides be sure to 1) make sure I have your email address, 2) don't forget to check your email, and 3) If you do not have email call me and give me you phone number so I can put you on my call list.


Prospective member Paul from North Louisiana reports that he crashed his new ZX600R on the way to meet us at the Magnolia Grill. Paul slid out in some gravel on the approach to the Duty ferry and broke his shoulder blade. He expects to be back on the road in a month if the Ninja is repairable. We all wish Paul and the Ninja a speedy recovery.


We are planning to ride up to Vicksburg, MS Saturday, November 10. Stacie and I will be staying at the Battlefield Inn. http://www.battlefieldinn.org Next To The National Military Park 4137 I-20 N. Frontage Road Vicksburg, MS 39183-3498 Direct Reservations 1-800-359-9363 Telephone 601-638-5811 Fax 601-638-9249 Room rates are $73 downstairs and $68 upstairs for two adults. They have plenty of rooms available as of today, Oct 25. There is a nice restaurant on the premises. There is also a Motel 6 right next door. 4127 I-20 Frontage Road Phone: (601) 638-5077 Toll-Free: 1-800-466-8356

For those interested in a group ride up to Vicksburg from the Baton Rouge area we will be departing from St. Francisville Saturday morning. The plan is to visit The Emerald Indian Mound on the way and ride the Natchez Trace. More details to come. Email or call me if you have questions or to let me know that you are planning to come Cell phone 225-281-0799, Home phone 225-342-0502. Other Vicksburg Accommodations http://www.vicksburgcvb.org/hotels.htm

Also, don't forget the time will change this weekend. Spring forward, Fall back: Time reverts to standard time at 2 a.m. on the last Sunday of October. So set your clocks back 1 hour when you go to bed Saturday night so you will be on time for the 10:00 departure for our Sunday Ride to NPR raceway.


December 7, 8 & 9 2001
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