3rd Quarter 2012 Newsletter of the Louisiana Chapter of the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association P.1

We welcome new member David Webster of Baton Rouge. David rides a Concours 14 and has joined us on many lunch rides as a "guest" and has decided to check out the benefits of membership. We look forward to many more good rides with David.

Turn One

We finally got some cooler weather in September after August's heat, humidity and rain kept most of us off the roads. The August lunch ride was pretty much a bust but we got in a nice September lunch ride. I also had a nice but slightly scary trip to the annual MSTA Bull Shoals Rally in Theodosia, Missouri put on by Ed and Linda Young. This is always a great event, especially if the weather cooperates and it did. See my ride reports below. Back at home I attempted to organize a group to watch the AMA races at the new NOLA Motorsports Park in Avondale, LA but was stymied by a total lack of organized spectator viewing areas or other known landmarks at which to meet. Luckily, three of us did manage to bump into each other (at the food vending area, where else?) and spent the aftermnoon enjoying the races at a "hill" (more like a 2 foot high bump) on the back straight staked out by the Cajun Cycles Riders group out of Thibodaux. It was great to see Pro Motorcycle Roadracing for the girst time in Lousiana!

Our annual (since 1990) Louisiana Chapter weekend event, Cajun Christmas, is just around the corner and online registration is now up. We look forward to seeing our friends from all over the USA. See full details below.

On a somber note, we lost a member and friend last month. Steve West of Texas lost a valiant 2 and a half year battle with cancer. Steve was one of those guys who is always fun to be around and we will miss him.



Bull Shoals 2012

by Bob Chappuis

On Friday, September 7 I rode to Theodosia, MO for the MSTA Bull Shoals Rally. Despite this being my 3rd time at BS I found a new and different route there. I left just after sunrise and headed up through Natchez, MS; Winnsboro and Bastrop, La and Monticello, AR. Then through Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Conway and Clinton and then into Missouri and Theodosia. I shared a room at the resort motel with Jim Girton, of KS. There was a good attendance for the event and the weather was quite nice after a cool front and rainstorm rolled through during the gourmet wiener cook out. I had also run through a brief isolated shower on my way in just outside of Theodosia but not enough to even slow me down. Other than these two brief showers the weather was excellent for riding.

On Saturday Girton and I rode a combination of two of the several routes that Ed Young and Bill Wing had prepared for the rally. This included a lunch stop at the Rockbridge Trout Ranch. A neat place where you can catch a stringer of big Rainbow Trout and/or have a great meal of fresh trout fillets expertly prepared at the restaurant. Jim and I enjoy a fine meal and then watched the anglers a while before heading back.

On the return ride about 20 miles out the Theodosia, the Concours began having an a stumble on hard acceleration such as in trying to pass. This gradually got worse with the engine occasionally stumbling on steady throttle as if starved for fuel. I stopped for some fresh fuel and bought a bottle of fuel system cleaner and poured in half with my fuel. This apparently cured the problem as I had no further engine problems riding back to the resort or for the 500 mile trip home Sunday.

Back at the motel bs'n with fellow riders I was being to recover from the acute anxiety of experiencing the Concours' first hiccup in 85,000 miles when someone pointed out a small puddle of fluid beneath my baby. I dabbed a finger and took a taste: sweet, the sweet taste of ethylene glycol coolant. A group of helpers soon gathered to offer advice. At someone's suggestion I stripped off the left body panels to check the radiator hose clamp but it was tight. I fired up the engine and watched a drip start at the lower left corner of the radiator. I was convinced I had a hole in the radiator. I consulted with moto guru Eldon Rix who suggested some Leak Stop he had stored in his truck. I pulled the right side plastic off to access the filler cap and in went the stop leak. Pretty much of a pain in the you know what to have to strip off half the plastic just to access the radiator cap!

By now it was banquet time so I stashed tools under the bike and caught up with the crowd walking up he hill to the banquet room. Maybe I'd win the 50/50 and down payment on a new $700 radiator. No such luck, I won a DVD called Prince of Persia instead. But the food was great. I eat a lot when I am stressed!

Back a the motel I replaced the Concours' plastic in the dark with several helpers holding flashlights. On advice from guru Bill Wing I left the radiator cap loose to leave the cooling system un-pressurized and keep the coolant from leaking out.

Sunday morning the chilly weather was in my favor for the 500 mile ride home. After an early breakfast I rolled out in 50 degree weather. For the first 200 miles the temperature gauge never got above the first bar, the lowest normal operating temperature. By 10:00 ambient temperature had climbed to 78 degrees and I was seeing two bars, still normal. Only when the temperature got into the mid 80's and I was running hard or slowing for traffic did the gauge show 3 bars, still normal but on the hot side of normal. The real test was when I resumed steady cruising at 3 bars - the gauge dropped back to two which meant the system was functioning normally and I had not lost significant coolant. Whew! I finally relaxed and made the rest of the trip without incident.

Despite the little scare it was a very enjoyable trip and event. It is always great to see old friends and meet some new ones.

Theodosia Resort Motel
Jim Girton
Scenic River
Rockbridge Trout Ranch
Trout Slayer
Trout Stream
Rockbridge Mill

August Lunch Ride

by Bob Chappuis

The August lunch ride on August 4 was just myself. and Paul Thibodaux. We met at Starbucks in Baton Rouge where Tony and daughter Livvy joined us but they did ride due to other commitments. We went out College, Lee and Brightside to River Road, planning to cross as Sunshine but we ran into a rain shower at Burnside and Paul turned back. I continued after stopping to put on gear but the rain soon quit and I continued on the route alone, crossing the Mississippi River and heading up the west bank to Plaquemine. Highway 77 from there to Livonia and the planned lunch spot. However, turned out the Joe Dr7yfus Store Restaurant was closed, apparently out of business.

September Lunch Ride

by Bob Chappuis

I organized the September lunch ride for September 22 after being prodded by future State Director Eric Babcock who is a strong supporter of the LA chapter and always ready to ride. On short notice I put out an E-mail invite for a ride up to Natchez, MS and was rewarded with a fair turnout including a prospective member, Guy Lombard of New Orleans, riding a BMW GS. Thanks for joining us Guy! Eric and the flamboyant Dennis Hedrick were along on their BMW R models plus Tony Crowell on his Triumph Tiger with daughter Olivia riding passenger. Our Concours Owners Group friend and newest MSTA member-to-be David Webster was also along on his Concours 14. From our meeting spot, the St. Francisville McDonald's on US 61 we rapidly traversed a zig-zagging route covering all of the best roads between St. Francisville and Natchez. No incidents, no drama just a good spirited ride on some sweet roads (plus a few connecting goat trails). Our quick and steady pace allowed us to arrive at the Pigout Inn on the banks of the Mississippi just ahead of the crowd and we all enjoyed delicious BBQ plates and good conversations before splitting up for the return ride home.





SOLICITING ROUTE AND LUNCH SUGGESTIONS. Got a favorite route or lunch spot? We would love to hear it! Just email me the details and I will publish on the website and email to all members.



Répondez S'il Vous Plaît

(RSVP/REGISTRATION FORM - Please REGISTER if you are coming!)

Information Sheet: Twenty-Second Annual

Friday & Saturday

Jimmy Davis State Park.
To reserve a cabin or campsites,
call 1-877-CAMP-N-LA (877-226-7652).

The spacious, two bedroom cabins $120/night, sleeps up to 8 people with 1 queen bed in one bedroom, 2 bunk beds in the other and 1 queen sofa sleeper in the living room. Cabins all have a fire place, full kitchen with coffee maker and microwave. T

This is a non AMA-sanctioned Just For Fun event and the idea is to relax, have fun, eat too much and ride. Come in you car if the weather is too cold or wet.

We will have a chili dinner Friday night at the park held in lodge #18.

Saturday we will ride some of the best roads that Louisiana has to offer with a lunch stop at Grayson's BBQ in Clarence.

Saturday night we will have our Christmas party and cook out at lodge #18. Hamburgers, Cajun Sausage, Hotdogs, Gumbo and refreshments will be served. The festivities will conclude with our traditional Cajun Gift exchange.
For more details please visit the Cajun Christmas website.

That's all for now. Keep riding and smiling....

Bob Chappuis, Editor [email: bob@this domain]