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Fourth Quarter 2017 Louisiana MSTA Newsletter Bob Chappuis, Editor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Turn One

It has been another amazing year in many ways. Heraclitus was right: “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” I find it interesting to look back at last years issue when I sit down to begin a new one, just to see how my mind set has changed over the year. From day to day we feel we are the same person but it is only an illusion. The world forever changes and we change with it.

Enough philosophy. Moto wise it has been another busy year for me. In 2016 I sold one bike and bought two. In 2017 I destroyed two bikes and bought two more. Those stories are covered in a previous newsletter.

In October a thunderstorm dropped a large Elm on our bike garage. Fortunately none of the bikes were damaged and repairs are almost complete

We have had some great riding weather and some great rides. I rode the Concours to Wichita, KS in mid-October for my granddaughter's birthday party. Later in October I made the annual Texas Hill Country Rally. Other LA members attending included Tony ("Tino") Crowell and Rod Fors, see Tony's summary below. Local rides included lunch rides organized by fearless leader Tino in November and December to Rocky's Tails & Shells in Bunkie and Que Pasa in St. Francisville, see my summaries below. The issue concludes with an up to date schedule of 2018 regional and national MSTA ride events.

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By Tino with addendum by Ninja Bob

...I had a camping trip planned for Queen Wilhelmina. Well...the weather changed those plans so at the last minute I decided to ride over to Kerrville, TX to join some of the guys in the Hill Country. A cold front was coming through along my route...(I-10, BR to Kerrville). I was in the 80's in Lake Charles but I hit the front in Beaumont.I rode in a downpour for about 15 minutes and then light rain for another 15. My Klim jacket kept me warm and dry as temps dropped into low 60's. I did get a little wet on my legs as my Triumph pants are not waterproof, but, nonetheless after being Scotch-guarded, did well in the hard rain.

From Houston to Kerrville I only had to fight the wind...and boredom. I was staying in the motel 6 in Kerrville. It was only about a 7 minute walk. I met Jimmie and Bob for Dinner at the Y.O. [Ranch Resort, headquarters of the Texas Hill Country Rally] and discussed plans for Saturdays ride. When I left the motel to ride to the Y.O. Saturday my bike said it was 29 degrees. We waited until it warmed up a bit and departed at 10 A.M., Beautiful day. We had a great ride over to Leakey. There I split from the guys and headed nominally back to Kerrville. The temps never got over 60 but a nice ride with the right gear.

On Sunday, Bob headed east to LA while Jimmie and I headed northeast to Durant, OK, Again...Cold temps but by Dallas we saw 78 degrees.We had originally planned to ride to NW Arkansas, but after running late decided on Durant. On Monday we headed toward Muskogee,OK on US69. The plan was to ride to Baxter Springs, KS and split up, Jimmie would continue onto Olathe ,KS, While I would turn east and south back into AR and Scott's place.

Jimmie and I found some GREAT roads in Oklahoma.If you are ever in NE OK, try OK 80,20 and 82. We had fought head winds up US69 but up in the hills and the woods the wind was lessened and we had a fantastic ride. After stopping at KuKu burger in Miami,OK, It wasn't long when we were in KS on route 66 and split up. I went to Joplin and then turned south,(now with delightful tailwind). I exited the new I-49 near the MO-AR border and took a dirt shortcut to one of my favorite roads MO90. Then 59 and AR12 to [Arkansas MSTA member] Scott's house.

At Scott's I got the full VIP treatment. A great supper, conversation, a good nights sleep, followed by a full breakfast the next morning! Talk about the best FREE B&B in the world! Thanks again Scott and Eileen!!! The next morning arrived with a frigid 30 degree temp. I failed to put on my wind-blocking rain pants which made me cold and I never warmed up until I got into the 60's all the way in North LA. Lesson Learned! The highlight was stopping in Mt. Ida, AR at the Mt Ida Cafe. Good, hot food and hot waitress.

I departed Scott's at 7:32AM ,arrived at my house at 7:15 PM. after 578 miles.Total for the trip was 2028 miles. Most of my trip was done in the 50's and 60's. I'll take that over and 80's and 90's any day. However...I could do without the 20's.

Happy Trails, Tino

I shared a room at the Y.O with Kansas member Jim Girton. I rode out from home in St. Francisville and stopped in College Station, TX Thursday night and had a short ride to Kerrville Friday morning. I was on my new Multistrada, which does not have heated grips and as much wind protection as my Concours. Had I known the weather would turn so cold I would have brought the Concours. However, I learned that despite the Ducati's minimalist wind screen the wind protection is quite good and with my heated jacket liner I was quite comfortable (except for my left hand due to a failed heated glove)

Hostess Judi Malcom and the rest of the Texas gang did their usual excellent job of putting on the rally and a great time was had by all. It was great to see all my old Texas friends. I rode the short run to Destination Cycles early Saturday morning hoping to buy a pair of heated gloves. Cycle Gear will replace the failed Sedici Hotwired glove for free but I've decided to pack a back up pair in the future! No luck with new electric gloves at the dealership but I did enjoy a nice free breakfast before meeting the guys back at the Y.O. for the days ride. Jim and I followed Tino for one leg of the Three Sisters route and had lunch in Leakey before he peeled off on his own and we did the other two sisters. It was a great day followed by a great Saturday night banquet topped of by winning a gift certificate door prize worth about 35 bucks thanks to LegalSpeeding.com.

November 18 Lunch ride

By Ninja Bob

I met Tony and his friend John Lipani at Penny's Diner in Livonia Saturday morning. Tony on his BMW 1200 GS John and I on our Ducati Multistradas. We rode US 190 to Krotz Springs then up LA 105 north alongside the Atchafalaya River to twisty LA 1183 south of Simmesport. Then 114 and 29 to Bunkie and Rocky's Tails and Shells where we had a fine meal. On the way home I split off from John and Tony and rode back down 105. Near Melville I foolishly rode in to a smoke cloud from a burning field. It did not seem so dense at first but surrounded by open fields there was little to judge by. I quickly found visibility dropping and I slowed to a walking pace. Suddenly just to my left I spot a blinking yellow light passing my left elbow. A vehicle in the opposite lane a few feet away and all I could see was the hazard blinker! At that point I knew I was pitentially in grave danger. Suddenly I felt a wave of intense heat and the terror hit and I stopped to turn around. I am still not sure exactly what happened but as I put my right leg down I lost my balance and the bike and I both went down. Maybe I was disoriented by the brownout or maybe faint from lack of oxygen. Hitting the ground I scrambled up and tried to position myself to lift the bike but the heat was too intense. I had to stay in the other lane for a minute or two before the heat subsided. I stood in the road waving my arms like a madman until I could finally get the Ducati upright.

Almost 50 years riding experience and I make a rookie move like that? I guess I am one of those riders who tend to not want to turn back no matter the riding conditions. Lesson learned!


December 2 Lunch ride

By Ninja Bob

On the first Saturday in December Tony and I met in Zachary and rode a 75 mile loop through the Felicianas - Louisiana's Hill Country - ending in Saint Francisville for lunch. Also along were old friends Paul Thibodaux on an Yamaha FJR , Roddy Spring on a Kawasaki Concours 14 and young friend Alden Daniel on a Harley Davidson Ultra Glide. It was St. Francisville's Christmas In The Country celebration and the town was packed with tourists. Our first two lunch choices the Francis and the Magnolia Cafe had long waits so we settled for Que Pasa and had some good Mexican food. Joining me for an after lunch ride was Arthur Smith on his Ducati Panigale.



21st Annual Last Ride of the Year
Saturday the 30th of December

Not an MSTA event but a handful of members usually attend

The Stagecoach Cafe, Stockton, AL will be open at 7:00am on Dec 30th for those that want to arrive early for breakfast. Lunch will start at 10:30am. Awards will be at 12 noon and you must be present to win.


Big Bend Texas 02/24-03/03 JFF TX
Not Really Ride The Rio 03/01-03/04 JFF Lajitas TX
Ocala 03/09-03/11 JFF Ocala FL Jim Park ridemyst@yahoo.com
Dillard Dual Sport 04/05-04/08 JFF Dillard GA
Staunton Spring Romp 04/12-04/15 JFF Staunton VA Galen Diehl gediehl4@comcast.net"
North Georgia Classic 04/20=4/22 JFF Helen GA Andray Hubble
Moab Dual Sport 04/21-04/28 JFF Moab UT
T Rally 05/18-05/20 AMA Marble Falls AR Bill & Becky Wing
TriStar 05/25-05/28 AMA Sparta NC Geoffrey Greene
STAR 06/10-06/13 AMA La Crosse WI
Rally Of Historical Proportions 07/06-07/08 AMA Georgetown KY Pat
kyzrex@aol.com 859-620-6352
Big Lynn Lodge 07/20-07/22 AMA Little Switzerland NC Dave
Eldon Rix Dual Sport 07/16-07/29 JFF Silverton CO Eldon Rix
River City Ride 08/03-08/05 AMA Corydon IA
Mail Pouch FlyBy 08/20-08/26 AMA Marietta OH
Bull Shoals Rally 09/07-09/09 AMA Theodosia MO
Two Wheels Only 09/14-09/16 JFF Suches GA Steve
Fall Colors Ride 09/27-09/30 JFF Lewisburg WV Syd Mayes touringman5@gmail.com 804-721-3399
Byway Boogie 10/12-10/14 JFF Clarksville AR Gayla O'Brien
Texas Hill Country 10/26-10/28 AMA Kerrville TX Judi
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That will do it for 2017! It was great riding with many of you and I look forward to to covering more miles with you all in 2018. My mileage total for 2017 is getting close to 31,000; good but a bit short of last year's 31,249<.p>

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Prosperous and Safe NEW YEAR to all of you. KEEP IN TOUCH!

and Ride Safe,

Bob Chappuis